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Cremosa Pops Tray 48 ct

Chupa Chups

Cremosa Pops Tray 48 ct

Until Magellan circumnavigated the planet, it was generally believed the Earth was flat. Even now that we know our world is an orb, we're here to say that flat is not all bad. While the 48 Count Tray is kinda level-headed and only has half the pops of it's flashier big brother the 96 Count Tube (with none of the Tube's vertical splendor), the 48 Count Tray does display a whole lot of horizontal charm. Packed with choco-vanilla, strawberry-vanilla, mango yogurt, and strawberry yogurt pops, the 48 Count Tray is a dependable friend ready to dispense it's Chupa delights.
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$9.54 if you buy 6 or more
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