• All Your Favorite Cremosa Flavors!

    Chupa Chups Cremosa lollipops come in a variety of unique and creamy flavors for kids and adults alike.
    Try not to enjoy all 40 pops at once!

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  • The Best of Chupa Chups

    Experience The Best of Cola, Creamy and Fruit with this special 10 count gold bag featuring the most popular Cremosa flavors along with the choicest Fruit pops and that classic crowd pleaser Cola.

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From the collectable Nostalgia Tin to the bouquet of Cremosa Pops, Chupa Chups offers the perfect addition to every occasion!

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Crazy Dips

Crazy Dips are a fun, new candy explosion! Choose between Strawberry and Grape for a tasty, crazy treat.

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Whistle Pops

For a fun, musical treat, try Strawberry Whistle Pops! Play real music with the one-of-a-kind lollipops!

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Life Less Serious.

So what makes Chupa Chups so special? There's got to be a reason (perhaps, several) why Chupas are the most popular lollipop in the entire world... First, the name catches the ear. Chupa Chups derives from the Spanish verb "chupar," which means "to suck." And while one can lick or suck a Chupa, Chupa Chups definitely don't suck. They're quite likely the tastiest lollipops on Earth! Chupa Chups boast the unique Cremosa flavors: choco-vanilla, strawberry-vanilla, mango yogurt, strawberry yogurt, choco-banana, and choco-cherry -- all super creamy and super delicious. Nor shall we forget the convenient plastic stick and the tight double wrapper that keeps that delectable 12 gram pop so fresh. And what other lollipop (or candy of any sort) can boast a logo designed by the great Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali? Only Chupa Chups with it's bright yellow, red, and gold daisy can make that claim, amigo. And what was the first lollipop in outer space? That's right, Chupa Chups! We'll be the first to admit it, Chupa Chups is much more than just a lollipop, it's a lifestyle. "Life Less Serious" is not just a motto; it's a mantra and a worldwide movement! Join us, won't you?

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